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Demand for Insulin Biosimilars to Grow Considerably in Developed Markets, Says Kuick Research in Its Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

14 Mar 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The biosimilar development was a result of the financial success of the biological therapies and their impending patent cliff, which also marked a sales drop as they near the expiry of their original patents. The development of biosimilars enjoys a great profit potential for pharmaceutical makers due to the opportunity of lower medical costs.

The result of the latest technology innovations, novel regulations in the biopharma domain, and cost issues, the idea of biosimilars has drawn attention toward them and their potential future marketplace. Indeed, efforts are already being undertaken to develop a novel class of follow-on biologic drugs, named biosuperiors or biobetters.

The prospects of insulin biosimilars such as Basaglar are enormous in the forthcoming future. The demand is set to grow considerably in developed markets like the USA, Japan and European countries, which have exhibited great enthusiasm towards biosimilars.

Devoted regulatory pathways laid basis for stringent and abbreviated approval processes, which have heightened investors’ interest. The adoption of biosimilars in developed markets has been largely payer-driven, particularly in Europe, owing to payers’ burning, unmet need to contain public healthcare expenses. Thus, similar hopes are confined with the biosimilar insulins.

Meantime, the developing nations tend to be more committed to biosimilar versions of essential drugs. India and China are developing biosimilar versions of insulin over the recent years, but did not gain popularity owing to the dearth of biosimilar regulatory framework. 

Comprehensive research report “Global Biosimilar Insulin Market Opportunity & Clinical Insight Outlook 2022” drawn up by Kuick Research offers a comprehensive guide to the market on a global scale.

The study gives deep, reliable insights into clinical and non-clinical issues related to the growth of worldwide biosimilar insulin marketplace. The report gives an all-round overview of the rationale design of insulin molecule, MoA of insulin in diabetic patients, engineering of synthetic insulin, various aspects of biosimilar insulins globally alongside an overview of the market, biosimilar insulin clinical pipeline insights and prospective trends of the biosimilar insulin sector’s future development.

More comprehensive reports by Kuick Research can be found at its page


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