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Big Data to Have Huge Importance in Medical World, States CBR in Its In-demand Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

30 Jan 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Big Data can have a considerable influence on all facets of the healthcare and pharma industry sectors, and firms are pouring large sums of money towards leveraging the technology in a more effective way. Big Data has been a hot word over a number of years, but it is no longer simply an abstract idea that could deliver benefits in the offing, as it is already offering competitive capabilities for a diversity of organisations. In this regard, firms that overlook its potential may lose ground to their peers in today’s increasingly information-intensive world.

Comprehensive market research report “Big Data: Embracing Data to Transform Healthcare and Pharma Commercial Strategy - Featuring Expert Panel Views from Industry Survey 2016” created by CBR Pharma Insights (CBR) provides an all-round analysis of the Big Data universe, based on an exhaustive industry survey of 73 experts from the pharma and healthcare industries.

The study offers an insightful assessment of Big Data and its position within the healthcare domain. It canvasses the factors fuelling and showing a clear need for the application of the technology across this industry, and offers extensive examples of how various Big Data sources and analytical methods could be used effectively.

It includes an all-round analysis of the major challenges the technology is facing, and granular real-life case studies of how leading firms already put Big Data into practice and address a number of challenges. The study also examines major issues, like the areas where organisations are presently using Big Data, where they think it can be the most influential, the key restraints to usage and drivers, probability of a boost in investment in the mid-term, and overall position on the usage of the technology in the healthcare space. Strategic recommendations and guidelines are at hand in the study as well.

More comprehensive report by the publisher are available at CBR Pharma Insights page.


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