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Pork Imports in China Tend to Increase, Says CRI in Its New Research Study Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

23 Jan 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Nowadays, China dominates the world’s market for hog and pork breeding in terms of consumption volume. The country’s industry makes considerable contribution to the development of the worldwide hog industry.

The Chinese live stock volume of hogs in the highest worldwide. As of late 2015, the live stock volume of hogs stood at approximately 384 million, falling by 9% y-o-y. When it comes to pork, its output volume was following an upward trend during 2000-2014: in 2010, the volume hit 50 million tons, and in 2014, it exceeded 56.7 million tons. Meantime, since 2015 the Chinese output volume of pork has decreased.

In China, pork enjoys the highest demand from the population amid other meat products. The volume of pork consumed in China is scaling up owing to rising economy and urbanization in the country.

However, the local demand for pork is hardly met, therefore, meat imports to China continues to increase. For instance, the volume of imported pork in 2015 was almost 780,000 tons; in 2016 it surpassed 1.5 million tons. Today, the EU, Canada and the USA are the key suppliers of pork to China.

New report created by CRI, “Report on China's Hog Production and Pork Market 2017-2021”, provides a reader with an access to up-to-date information on the hog and pig breeding industry in China and canvasses the major development trends. The report analyses the current status of Chinese pig breeding industry, reviews the imports and exports dynamics, offers data on the country’s pork consumption and production. Moreover, this report covers epidemic situation of pig breeding industry in China, highlights the industry dynamics, examines the main growth driving and limiting factors of the development of pig breeding industry in the country. Furthermore, the main pig breeding and slaughter companies in China are examined here. In addition, the future prospects of the industry up to 2021 are also provided in the report.

For other comprehensive research reports prepared by CRI, kindly, follow to this page.


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