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In-demand Research Reports by Current Analysis Recently Published at MatrketPublishers.com

23 Jan 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd. is rather excited to inform that now you can find new research reports by its new partner, Current Analysis, at MarketPublishers.com. These 5 latest reports, covering Information and Communications Technology (ICT) investment trends in various spheres, are now available in the Current Analysis’ catalogue.

New Research Reports Prepared by Current Analysis Include:

ICT Investment Trends in Healthcare. This insightful research report casts light on emerging ICT investment trends in healthcare and investigates the ways healthcare providers allocate their ICT budgets. The study reviews ICT vendors and service providers, and highlights their solutions to healthcare providers. The key factors affecting healthcare providers' investments in each technology category, their investment priorities, future prospects and opportunities of the sector, customers' priorities, ICT investment strategies are examined here…

ICT Investment Trends in Insurance. Comprehensive overview of the ICT investment trends in insurance is available in this latest cutting-edge research publication. It lays specials emphasis on how ICT budgets are set to change in the nearest future, which ICT functions insurers are interested in outsourcing, what are the main factors that are influencing insurers' investments in each technology category, what are the top business objectives that insurers are looking to achieve, how the insurers' ICT landscape is set to change in the years to come…

ICT Investment Trends in Retail. The publication examines the technologies that retailers are investing in, provides a detailed overview of ICT companies and service providers and their solutions offered to retailers, looks into the trends influencing the ICT investments in retail sector, analyses distribution of ICT money in areas such as networks, applications, service desk and data centers, etc. Changes in customers' priorities, the review of the possible future opportunities and data on core areas of ICT spend are also at hand in this granular research report…

ICT Investment Trends in Retail Banks. This research publication investigates ICT investment trends in retail banks sector. It focuses on the core areas of retail banks’ investments. The changes expected in ICT budgets allocations, factors that are influencing retail banks' decisions of an ICT provider, retail banks' preferred buying approaches, retail banks' investment priorities, key market forces that are likely to spur the growth of the marketplace are canvassed in this up-to-date research report…

IT in Retail - Technology Priorities. This latest research study is an unrivalled source of information on how retailers today allocate their ICT budgets across the core areas of enterprise ICT expenditures. Moreover, the study includes a detailed overview of the core technologies that retailers are investing in. This comprehensive research publication highlights ICT companies and service providers, offers insight into retailers' preferred buying approaches, provides an analysis of factors that are influencing retailers' decisions of ICT provider and explores key business and IT objectives that retailers are looking to achieve…

For other comprehensive reports by this outstanding publisher, kindly follow to the Current Analysis page.


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