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Lessons from Global Most Powerful Digital Companies Are Available in Topical Study by Pyramid Research Recently Added at MarketPublishers.com

19 Jan 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The global leaders in market capitalization demonstrate us how disruptive digital strategies can create tremendous growth opportunities for the business. For instance, Google and Apple showed us how to pioneer revolutionary business models. Amazon, in its turn, taught us how to masterly virtualize a brick-and-motor industry, whilst Facebook transformed the definition of content services, making the user as the central author.

Today, telecom service providers are first to know the impact of the digital revolt, as traditional voice services and SMS become rapidly replaced by IP-based voice as well as various messaging apps like WhatsApp and Skype. Telcos have performed as catalysts of the transformation of mobile devises from just communication tools to become life management hubs. Yet, to stay competitive and thrive in the digital economy world, companies need to search entirely new service models.

In order to secure a profitable chunk of the novel digital domain, telecom service providers are to transform the way they deliver services, apps and content. Telco digital transformation starts with a digital corporate culture, which is to drive the discovery of novel innovation engines, digitally-smart customer relationship platforms and disruptive business models.

Topical research study “Telco Digital Transformation: Lessons from the world's most powerful digital companies” created by Pyramid Research highlights the most effective strategies for telcos to capitalize on the tremendous growth in the consumption of digital services. The report contains info on lucrative strategies of top global brands like Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook, amid others. This publication explores the growth drivers of various digital services development, gives a look at successful strategies of top digital companies, provides the best case studies on the digital transformation of 4 top telecom service providers.

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