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Market Publishers Ltd and LPI Sign Partnership Agreement

16 Jan 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd and LP Information (LPI) signed a partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on Internet. MarketPublishers.com is now authorised to distribute and sell research reports prepared by LPI.

Commenting upon the agreement, Natalie Aster, Assistant Manager at Partners Department, said: “We are extremely glad to have partnered with LP Information. This America-based research company is busy with providing top-quality market research reports with a view to assisting decision makers in taking wise business decisions and taking strategic moves to achieve the best practical outcomes. They make up a team of competent specialists with profound and unbiased knowledge in the domains such as chemicals, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology, amid others. In this age of excess information, the company helps customers sort out the unnecessary and get to the heart of the pertinent market to grow stronger and bigger.” Natalie added: “We strongly believe that our collaboration with LPI will bear fruit for both of our organisations and definitely for our numerous customers across the world.”

In-demand reports by LPI encompass:

2017-2022 Global Top Countries LNG Bunkering Market Report. The publication is devoted to an insightful analysis of the LNG bunkering sector on a global level, focusing on the countries and regions as the USA, Mexico, France, Canada, Germany, the UK, Russia, India, China, Italy,  Korea, Japan, Australia, Southeastern Asia, Brazil, the Middle East and Africa. The research publication presents a detailed assessment of the top producers in each country. The report provides data with respect to revenue, sales, market share of the 5 leading players in these geographies for 2012 -2017. The research study also offers granular market segmentation by type and application …

2017-2022 Global Top Countries Polyethylene Market Report. The report draws up a picture of the market globally. It gives an all-round overview of the product; segments the sector based on type, application area and country. The study sheds light on the global polyethylene sales, revenue (value) and market share by firms; average prices by manufacturers; production base distribution, market channels, product types by key producers; competitive landscape, and prevalent trends. It provides detailed sales figures, revenue data based on application, product type, and geography during 2012-2017 …

2017-2022 Global Top Countries Specular Microscope Market Report. The research report canvasses the marketplace globally, specifically focusing on the 17 leading geographies. The report presents a comprehensive segmental analysis, splitting the worldwide market into a number of key countries, with sales, revenue (value), market share of the 5 dominant players in these countries. The study breaks down the market by 2 product types – contact and non-contact specular microscopes, with revenue, sales, prices, market shares of each. The report focuses on market share, sales and growth rate of specular microscope across the key applications. Some of the players examined include Hy Vision Star, Topcon, Konan, Nidek, Wavetek, Hy Vision Star, Tomey, and Hai Labs, Inc. …

More details on the publisher and its studies can be found at LPI page.


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