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Operators Invest Heavily in Broadband Infrastructure, Says Pyramid Research in Its Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

11 Jan 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Many countries in APAC (e.g. China, Indian and Malaysia) are still very concerned over the digital divide, and this divide is a major agenda in many national broadband plans (NBPs).

Some other goals that are part of NBPs in these countries comprise: new technologies’ deployment, government institutions’ digitization, improving speed of broadband services, and more.

Most countries choose fiber-optic as a preferred technology when it comes to high transmission speeds.

The broadband infrastructure enjoys high investments from operators and governments.  E.g., the governments provide support to the infrastructure in the form of funds. They also introduce offering spectrums as well as regulatory measures. In the meantime, operators invest in their networks.

Insightful research report “National Broadband Plans in Asia-Pacific” drawn up by Pyramid Research offers an in-depth discussion of the broadband market space in APAC. The study starts with a detailed overview of the broadband penetration in the region.

It focuses on the correlation of GDO per capita with broadband penetration. The regional market context is explored in the research report, too. The study sheds light on targets and priorities of NBPs.

It unveils preferred technologies and investigates the role of telcos and governments in the implementation. The report reviews NBP frameworks. The research study also contains detailed case studies.

Reasons to Buy:

  • learn government goals and gain understanding of their initiatives so that you could take informed decisions;
  • find out the state of APAC markets;
  • see which growth opportunities exist and what emerging opportunities emerge in the broadband segment;
  • get access to valuable case studies.

Other Markets Investigated by Pyramid Research Comprise:

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