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Hypertension Burden Increases Worldwide, States Black Swan Analysis in Its Topical Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

12 Dec 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Hypertension (HTN, or hypertensive disorder, also termed high blood pressure) is a medical condition which happens when the force of the blood pumping through the artery is strong enough to be able to ultimately cause severe health problems, like stroke, heart seizure, heart failure, etc.

The disease burden of high blood pressure is an expanding problem from pope to pole, in part owing to a quickly ageing population. Other essential contributors comprise such modern lifestyle factors as physical inactivity, greater dietary salt consumption, and excessive use of alcohol, etc. Specific diseases and medications can also lead to high blood pressure.

Worldwide, the number of people suffering from hypertension is expected to reach 1.56 billion by 2025.

In the USA alone, nearly 75 million people are suffering from HTN. During 2011-2012 across the USA, about one third of all people aged over 20 had hypertension, on the basis of high assessments of blood pressure and the number of people being on antihypertensive drugs.

Lifestyle changes are key to both treatment and prevention of HTN, and they can be just as efficient as a treatment with medications.

Topical research report “Epiomic Epidemiology Series: Hypertension Forecast in 12 Major Markets 2016-2026” created by Black Swan Analysis gives true, detailed information on today’s prevalent population for HTN across the 12 leading markets like the USA, Spain, Canada, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, the UK, China, Japan, India and Brazil; the data are broken down by 5-year age cohort and gender.

The research study also includes a disease review of the diverse risk factors for the disease, diagnosis and the probable course and outcome of hypertension, along with particular variations by geographic region and ethnicity. It identifies a range of the main symptoms and comorbidities of hypertension, alongside providing comprehensive data on overall disease prevalence. The report provides insights and long-term forecasts into sub-populations having HTN across a slew of countries.

More studies by the publisher can be found at Black Swan Analysis page.


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