Fast Fashion Brands Joined Top 10 Apparel Players, Says Euromonitor International in New Report Available at

15 Nov 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Specialist and traditional players dominated the global market for apparel for many years, but such fast fashion giants like Forever, Zara, Primark and H&M has recently joined apparel majors. They are now in the top 10 apparel players globally.

The consumption of fast fashion has increased significantly. As a result, volumes sales growth is currently outpacing value growth.

The financial crisis has turned into one of major drivers of the fast fashion marketplace. Consumers want to keep up with the most recent trends, while their spending power has declined.

Western European markets are now inundated with fast fashion brands, both international and local ones. Nevertheless, the U.S. remains the number one market for fast fashion in terms of value.

With fast fashion dominating the apparel space in developed countries, there are little growth prospects for this market. However, there are good growth opportunities for the marketplace in Eastern European countries.

Though fast fashion brands have their feet firmly in the apparel market, the competition from traditional players (e.g. Gap) intensifies.

New research report “Fast Fashion in 2016: Industry Disruption and Geographic Dominance Part I” worked out by Euromonitor International offers a comprehensive guide to the fast fashion marketplace. The study covers the rapid rise of this business. It casts light on the global distribution and focuses on top ten fast moving markets.

The report proceeds with the geographic analysis and concentrates on the U.S., Western Europe, Asia, etc. The competitive environment is scrutinized in the research study, too.

Other Marketplaces Scrutinized by the Publisher Include:

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