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Global Wealth Market Trends Discussed by Verdict Retail in New Report Recently Added at MarketPublisherrs.com

07 Oct 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The world’s wealth market is following a continuous growth trend. In the next year, the global liquid onshore assets may go beyond USD 100 trillion. However, the world’s wealth market is not homogenous: growth rates and reasons for growth differ across various segments and regions. 

The wealthiest individuals in the world increase their assets faster than the remaining part of global population. The USD 10+ million segment is anticipated to see further remarkable growth in the years ahead. This confirms the fact that the major share of the global wealth is held by a small number of people.

Most developing countries are deposit-heavy, whilst mutual funds and equities are the domain of mature markets. But, constantly rising capital market volatility encourages sophisticated investors to search for the safe haven of deposits, especially as bond yields still remain low.

At present, the US is the biggest wealth market worldwide; furthermore, this country market will likely maintain the leading position in the years to come.

New report “The Global Wealth Market in 2016; Analyzing 69 country wealth markets worldwide” by Verdict Retail presents an all-round overview of the world’s wealth market, estimates the size and liquid assets held by the affluent population, uncovers present and forecast estimates. This publication covers 69 countries and 6 regions. The report scrutinizes the composition of investment and savings portfolios across different regional markets and also touches upon the differences between developing and mature economies. It offers global ranking on the basis of assets (both from per capita and aggregate perspective), points out the biggest and the fastest growing markets, reviews the major market growth driving and limiting factors and discusses the most important aspects and issues.

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