Active Pain Pipeline Includes 810 Products across All Development Stages, States GBI Research in Its Report Published at

22 Sep 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Pain (and chronic panic in particular) represents a health issue that affects the world’s population. Not considered as a disease, pain may be recognized as a disease, not just a symptom of a primary cause.

In the USA alone, it affects the larger number of pain that cancer, a heart disease and diabetes combined. Around 100 million people experienced one or more episode of chronic pain over the last year in this country, and annual cost of medical treatment and lost productivity stands at approximately USD 600 billion.

The market for pain therapeutics has been characterized by incremental product innovation over the last ten years. Most segments of this marketplace are still ruled by active pharma ingredients, long-established product categories along with concomitant mechanisms of action.

However, there are still strong unmet needs that are in core therapy types like NSAIDs.

The active pain pipeline is exceptionally large, with only breast cancer outdriving it in terms of a size. There are 810 products in total across all stages of development.

Topical research report “Frontier Pharma: Chronic, Acute and Neuropathic Pain” worked out by GBI Research offers an in-depth analysis of the global market for chronic, acute and neuropathic pain. The study comprises a brief introduction to both chronic and acute pain. It provides an up-close look at the innovations in this market space.

The report covers innovations in the pipeline and discusses the changing molecular target landscape between the marketplace and the pipeline. The research study concentrates on molecular targets and scrutinizes the licensing and co-development deal landscape. Deals together with strategic consolidations are explored in the research report, too. The study also comprises historical information related to the marketplace. Besides, it contains valuable data related to 2016.

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