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Agriculture Equipment Market Faces a Number of Challenges, According to New Reports by Noealt Corporate Services Available at MarketPublishers.com

16 Sep 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Continued pressures on farm incomes and profitability, an altered supply-side economics with record crop production in key geographic regions and falling crop prices are expected to continue having a significant impact on agriculture equipment sales worldwide in the short run.

Moreover, the current economic conditions across key geographic regions remain disparate: traditional markets, dominated by North America, are enjoying steady growth, whilst emerging markets, dominated by Russia, China and Brazil, are facing a number of complex economic pressures and challenges on the back of a difficult economic environment worldwide (characterized by falling crude oil prices, continued weakness of commodity prices, financial markets volatility and also continued geo-political conflicts).

The long-term drivers for the agriculture equipment industry, however, remain strong; they include rapidly increasing global population number, cyclical demand form the biofuel industry, favourable regulative framework, amid others.

The world’s agricultural output is required to double by 2050 in comparison to the present level, in order, to satisfy the demand of the global population. Against the backdrop of diminishing natural resources there is a strong need to tremendously enhance productivity and efficiency.

Medium term growth in the North American, European and Asian markets for agricultural equipment is predicted to be spurred majorly by efforts aimed at improving crop productivity and yield. 

In China, the government’s focus on the development of the domestic rural agriculture industry during the next decade is expected to open potential growth opportunities for both local and global OEMs.

The cutting-edge study “Global Agriculture Equipment Market - 2016-2020 - Key Trends, Strategic Insights, Growth Opportunities, Market Outlook” elaborated by Noealt Corporate Services presents a granular assessment of the world’s agriculture equipment market, uncovers important industry performance statistics, provides reliable info on the top market trends and the recent developments. It highlights the current situation across the key geographies, reviews the main factors shaping the market, covers the emerging technologies and product innovations, delves into the competitive environment and gives details on top players. The report also contains future projections for the world’s agriculture equipment market.

Other reports by Noealt Corporate Services are offered in this Market Publishers’ catalogue.


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