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Pain Management Market Explored by MP Advisors in Its New Report Recently Published at MarketPublishers.com

13 Sep 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – There were nearly 18,893 deaths related to the prescription of opioid medications in the USA in 2014, a 16% increase from 2013.

Around 20 plus formulations of abuse deterrent opioid products are in development and the majority of them are extended release (ER) formulations which utilise different AD tech platform to make its ADF. Amongst these ADF drugs in the pipeline, 6 are of hydrocodone, 8 are of morphine and 6 are of oxycodone based ADF formulations.

New chemical entities (NCEs) targeting opioid receptors are currently in pipeline, which decreases the abuse of opioid drugs by its mechanism of action (slow rate of entry in brain) and can possible deal with decreasing opioid abuse by way of posing restrictions on oral intake in the offing.

The size of the opioids market in the USA is estimated at USD 8 billion, of which ER formulations account for 50%. ADF ER formulations and their generic variants and novel NCEs targeting opioid receptors are expected to give a boost to the opioid marketplace in Europe and the USA in the foreseeable future.

NCE drugs in the late-stage pipeline like cebranopadol, NKT-181, mirogabalin, AVP-923, etc. and innovative technologies targeting formulation change in old generic medications like ORB-201, ARX-04, OX-51, CL-108, among others, for pain management can potentially  reduce the usage of opioids to treat pain in the offing.

New market research study “Pain Management- New Discoveries and Treatment Options in Abuse Deterrent Era” drawn up by MP Advisors provide a comprehensive guide to the market for abuse deterrent drug formulations focusing on opioids.

The research report offers a discussion of a number of new delivery technologies exploited in the formulation of abuse deterrent products, technologies utilised in improving patient compliances, emerging new mechanisms and pain relief medications in the late-stage pipeline.

More new market research reports by the publisher are available at MP Advisors page.


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