India Pesticides Sector Saw Rapid Growth Recently, States Ken Research Private in In-demand Report Available at

19 Jul 2016 • by Natalie Aster
India Pesticides Sector Saw Rapid Growth Recently, States Ken Research Private in In-demand Report Available at

LONDON – The Indian pesticides industry has witnessed rapid growth from 2010 to 2015 due to remarkably growing population and soaring farm commodity prices. Increasing awareness amid the farmers pertaining to the advantages of utilising certified pesticides has resulted in a hike in the demand for pesticides in the last few years. As a result, the farmers are more willing to pay more for quality pesticides giving a rise to the boost in productivity.

The technical pesticides industry revenue has grown at a colossal CAGR during 2010-2015, and it is projected to increase moving forward. The future prospects for domestic crop protection firms appear to be positive over the coming 5 years. Insecticides are anticipated to keep on dominating the country’s pesticides market. Nevertheless, a huge drop is expected in its market share by 2020.

The pest control service market in the past has always been overcrowded with either do-it-yourself products or the unorganised domestic players. With only 2 domestic players, Hicare and Pest Control India, and 2 multinationals like SIS-Terminix and Rentokil, the Indian pest control service sector is still in its nascency. Hence, there remain a number of challenges like the implementation of quality standards across industry and work styles.

In-demand study “India Pesticides Market Outlook to 2020 - Rising Awareness among Farmers and Advent of Bio Pesticides to Shape Future Growth” elaborated by Ken Research Private canvasses the market on a national level. It provides market size estimates; segmentation based on pesticide types, crops, industry structure, consumption by region, import and indigenous pesticides, etc. The provides market shares of the top players in the local organised pesticides market as of 2015; offers a SWOT analysis of Indian pesticides market; keeps track of the trends and developments in the national pesticides market. The study reviews the regulations in the market; canvasses the competitive landscape and offers granular company profiles and market shares of the dominant producers in India’s pesticides market. It offers future outlook and forecasts based on industry revenue to 2020. It also gives a snapshot of the country’s formulants pesticides market; market size of the Indian bio pesticides market; market share of the dominant players in the Indian organised pesticides marketplace. It analyses the market size of India’s pest control services. The study provides market segmentation of the pest control service market based on industry structure, end users and insect types. The report assesses the competitive scene and provides market share of the leading manufacturers active in India’s pest control service market.

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