Chinese Glyphosate Supply to Reduce in Short Run, According to CCM Report Available at

14 Jul 2016 • by Natalie Aster
Chinese Glyphosate Supply to Reduce in Short Run, According to CCM Report Available at

LONDON – In June 2016, the Brexit and the EU’s decision to re-authorise glyphosate for the coming 18 months are having a bearing on the Chinese glyphosate marketplace. Nevertheless, the market remains depressed with slack demand, and also pressure from inventory. Meanwhile, the RMB is predicted to keep on depreciating. With ample inventory, overseas buyers store up goods by demand to evade the loss on exchange.

However, a number of enterprises still keep operating rates high in spite of the negative growth in profit. At one point, their uncomplicated product structure encourages them to maintain the operating rates for retaining their market shares. At the same time, the price for glyphosate has fell to the bottom level, leading to low-cost production.

During the summer months in 2016, glyphosate enterprises are expected to suspend production activity for maintenance. Thus, market supply is expected to decline. Still, the production suspension is not supposed to boost the price for glyphosate to a great extent on the back of sufficient inventories enterprises have. In a short while, the glyphosate price is forecast to hover over low levels.

New market research report “Glyphosate China Monthly Report 1606” drawn up by CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM) provides unparalleled information and data with respect to the changes that have taken place in China’s glyphosate industry in the recent past as well as offers deep insights into the key factors impacting the sector’s future development. The study gives details on the production and sales dynamics of glyphosate making companies, export price for glyphosate, glyphosate companies’ revenue, in-depth analysis of the segments of the market, analysis of the competitive landscape and profiles of the leading domestic industry players, etc.

Companies reviewed include: Global Bio-chem Technology Group Co., Ltd.; Hubei Guangji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Shandong Shouguang Juneng Golden Corn Co., Ltd.; Jianlong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.; Meihua Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

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