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Various Vietnamese Markets Examined in New Reports by VIRAC Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

11 Jul 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - TD The Market Publishers, Ltd. would like to present new unbiased research reports, covering various Vietnamese markets, developed by Vietnam Industry Research And Consultant (VIRAC) that have been recently uploaded at MarketPublishers.com.

Vietnam Dairy Standard Report Q2/2016. Nowadays, the global dairy industry is experiencing a mushrooming demand. The worldwide dairy market is currently globalizing, thereby, boosting the scope and intensity of the world dairy trade. However, the cow raising is not a tradition in Vietnam; it emerged there only in the early 20th century. As of 2015, there were over 275 thousand heads of livestock in Vietnam and about 19 thousand dairy producers. This topical research report illustrates the current performance of the Vietnamese dairy industry, offers an in-depth insight in the market dynamics, highlights the economic environment and contains updated information and statistics. Forecasts of the Vietnamese dairy market development in the upcoming years are provided…

Vietnam Fertilizer Standard Report Q2/2016. Fertilizer market in Vietnam is on the rise; moreover, this sector plays an essential role in the country’s economic development. In 2014, for instance, net revenue of fertilizer manufacturers surpassed 17% owing to the ongoing industry developments and achievements. However, the revenue growth of the Vietnamese fertilizer market is expected to slow down in the upcoming years on the back of a decrease in fertilizer prices worldwide together with rising input material cost. This cutting-edge publication focuses on the Vietnamese fertilizer industry performance, includes a detailed description of the macroeconomic situation, examines key barriers and opportunities and provides future forecasts…

Vietnam Phamaceutical Standard Report Q2/2016. Presently, the mammoth share (about 80—90%) of total amount of medicines (approximately 60,000 tons) used in Vietnam is imported. In 2015, the Vietnamese pharmaceutical market value exceeded USD 4.1 billion, while per capita spending on pharmaceuticals in the country stood at around USD 38. The value of the Vietnamese patented drugs sector is on the rise. In the past year, pharmaceuticals imports in the country. The major part of imported pharmaceuticals comes from France and India. The novel research study is a unique source of valuable data on the pharmaceutical industry performance in Vietnam. The report focuses on the market size, dynamics, key players, drivers, challenges and restraints. Forecasts are available here as well…

Vietnam Plastic resin and Synthetic rubber Standard Report Q2/2016. Synthetic rubber and plastic resin are important input materials in Vietnam; they are exploited in manifold industrial areas. As of 2014, Vietnam produced about 311 million tons of plastic resins, registering a 4.5% CAGR during 2010-2014. The country accounts for only 0.3% of the world total plastics materials production. This report provides reliable information on the Vietnamese as well as global plastic resin and synthetic rubber industries. It presents an in-depth overview of the market competitive landscape, traces light on future possible opportunities, examines the production and consumption trends…

Many other new research reports prepared by VIRAC are available at its page.

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