China Livestock & Poultry Breeding Equipment Market Shows Good Potential, States BOABC in Its New Report Available at

29 Jun 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – China is world’s biggest pork and egg producer and the 2nd largest broiler producer after the USA. As of 2014, the country’s hog slaughter was estimated at 735 million head, pork output stood at 56.7 million tonnes; egg output reached 25 million tonnes; broiler slaughter was close to 9 billion birds.

With the rising rural labour costs, the scale of livestock and poultry breeding is surging on a constant basis. The slaughter of pig farms captured nearly 46% of the country’s overall hog slaughter as of 2013, surging by about 34% from 10 years ago. The scale of broiler slaughter is higher, and the ratio of farms slaughtering 10,000 birds annually was estimated at around 80%.

The cost of domestic labour is increasing incessantly, and the price of livestock and poultry breeding equipment manufactured by local producers is relatively low, so the equipment is promoted and utilised in the market.

With a view boosting to market share, domestic manufacturers and suppliers constantly raise their equipment sales volume by collaborating with breeding enterprises either directly or by inner M&As in the industry. With respect to overseas equipment making firms, retailers and suppliers, some of them enter into JV, some build sole corporation and some establish sales organisation to promote their equipment of high quality.

New research report “Livestock and Poultry Breeding Equipment Demand and Competitive Landscape in China (2016)” elaborated by Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant (BOABC) covers the market on a national level. The study discusses the current performance and historical development, future development path and potential of the Chinese animal husbandry. It discusses the use characteristics of equipment for different livestock and poultry breeds and versatile ways of breeding. The study characteristics and present-day market demand for animal husbandry equipment in the country. It sheds light on the demand potential of the market in the offing. Furthermore, the research study canvasses the competitive scenario, and gives a detailed review of the top animal husbandry equipment companies.

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