Consumer Oxygen Equipment Sector to Gain Momentum through 2022, States WinterGreen Research in Its Report Available at

24 Jun 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Consumer oxygen currently remains in the trial stage. It is meant to be used by sports teams, in athlete clubs, by athletes, and in corporate gyms to boost the consumer’s value and provide people a means to feel more comfortable during exercise.

Excessive amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) detected in tissue of normal people can create problems. CO2 can build up, for instance, in the body of overweight persons. It becomes toxic if there is not enough oxygen to balance the CO2 in the body. There have to be a balance between the oxygen and CO2. When there is more CO2 than necessary in the body, more oxygen is required to create a balance.

Valued at USD 3.9 million as of 2015, the market for supplemental oxygen equipment is poised to amount to USD 2.8 billion by end-2022. The main growth driver includes the surging demand for the lighter, smaller technology, already available on the market, among the people who exercise. The market need by for oxygen generators at gyms and clubs is building up even as portable devices offer more mobility support for joggers, bicycle riders, and older persons. Basketball players, football players and hockey players also make use of oxygen to improve and maintain performance when physically exhausted. Furthermore, placebo effect associated with supplemental oxygen also contributes to the market growth.

New market research report “Consumer Oxygen Equipment: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 to 2022” elaborated by WinterGreen Research covers the consumer oxygen market description and market dynamics. The study examines the market shares and forecasts shedding light on key growth driving forces, market leaders, consumer oxygen equipment market forecasts, consumer oxygen prices, regional segment analysis. The research report offers a detailed description of major products, and delves deep into the research and technology pertaining to selected products. Furthermore, the study provides comprehensive company profiles of the leading market players.

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