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06 Jun 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – is happy to announce that new cards and payments market reports developed by Timetric can now be found in its catalogue.

Austria can boast highly developed payment infrastructure, while its level of card usage is relatively low. Cash-based payments and credit transfers are beloved channels for the Austrians. Their combined industry share stands at more than 85 percent. A share of card payments is just slightly over 1 percent. E-commerce makes up more than 50 percent of retail sales in this country.

In Bahrain, card payments have commenced to grow in popularity given steady growth of the economy, improvement taking place in payment infrastructure and an increase the banking population. The local payments channel showed strong growth at a CAGR of approximately 11.1 percent over the period 2008-2012 in terms of the number of cards. This growth was mainly supported by growth in debit and prepaid card segments.

In Finland, a level of card awareness and usage is much higher than it is in most neighboring countries. It has the highest cards payments’ usage in terms of transactions per one inhabitant. Rising capabilities of mobile devices, falling prices and an increasing number of mobile apps have been igniting growth of the local mobile commerce marketplace over the recent years. The online trade marketplace (and its growth) is amongst key factors that drive expansion of the country’s cards and payment industry.

Countries Covered in the Reports Comprise:

The research reports offer insightful discussion of cards and payment marketplaces in different countries. The studies shed light on market prospects and investigate forces that drive each marketplace. They concentrate on emerging consumer attitudes and trends.

The reports limelight industry dynamics and explore the competitive environment. The research studies disclose strategies adopted by major companies and estimate each markets’ size. They outline growth potential of the industry in the countries and comprise detailed company profiles. Future development projections are on hand in the research reports, too.

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