PET Imaging in Top 5 EU Markets Discussed in New Black Swan Analysis limited Report Available at

23 May 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The introduction of PET as a modality took place in the EU markets in the first half of the 1980s at research centers. Approximately ten years later a PET scanner able to execute a whole body scan emerged.

PET imaging appeals to nuclear medics as well as radiologists. Adoption of this technology by clinicians led to an increase of the number of PET scanners and cyclotrons that produce the extensively utilized 18F – FDG radiotracer.

Some markets are considered to adopt this technology earlier that other (e.g. Germany). It took considerable time to provide minimal coverage of the technology in other EU countries like the UK.

New research report “Market Report for PET Imaging in Top 5 EU Markets” drawn up by Black Swan Analysis limited offers a comprehensive guide to the PET imaging marketplace across top 5 EU markets. The study provides valuable details on the PET utilization and insightfully discusses PET modality development of in the EU markets over time.

It covers current healthcare systems in marketplaces under discussion and throws light on reimbursement schemes for PET imaging. The report outlines evolution of the marketplace and forecasts its future development.

Other Marketplaces Scrutinized by the Publisher Include:

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