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Dutch HNWIs Invest 44% of Their Wealth in Equities, States Verdict Retail in Its Topical Report Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

11 May 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The major generators of wealth in the Netherlands are the IT and financial service industries. Though younger as against the regional average, the majority of the country’s high net worth individuals (HNWIs) are over the age of 50, with nearly a quarter aged over 65. Expats make up just 4.1% of the total resident HNW population, with the UK grabbing the largest share.

The local HNWIs invest the lion’s share of their wealth in equities, which represents nearly half (44%) of the typical HNW portfolio, whilst bonds make up 31%. Investments in property, equities, and cash are poised to surge in the offing; the demand for alternatives is likely to stay unchanged, whilst the demand for bonds and commodities is anticipated to follow a downward trend amid low commodity prices and yields.

The desire to increase revenues through investors and advisors' highly sophisticated portfolios is amid the major reasons why Dutch HNWIs seek specialist advice.

Those searching for self-direct leastwise part of their wealth are chiefly stimulated by the desire to maintain exclusive control over part of their portfolio.

Topical research report “Wealth in the Netherlands: HNW Investors” created by Verdict Retail gives an analysis of the investment preferences and portfolio allocation of Dutch HNWIs. The study includes profiles of the average local HNW investor in regard to the sources of their wealth and age and also evaluates the expats’ opportunities in the country. It limelights the wealth management mandates that are preferred by Dutch HNWIs investors and how demand is set to progress in the foreseeable future. The report gives details about the allocation of the local HNW investors' portfolios into various classes of assets, alongside projecting how the allocation is poised to develop in the years to come. The study offers an insightful examination of the demand for products and services amid the HNW investors in the Netherlands.

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