Market Publishers Ltd and Expedite Sign Partnership Agreement

06 May 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd and Expedite signed a partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on Internet. is now authorised to distribute and sell research reports worked out by Expedite.

Natalie Aster, Assistant Manager at Partners Department, commented upon the partnership agreement: “Expedite International Business Solutions (Expedite) has been supporting its customers since 1982. Expedite specialises in providing not only information on the paper marketplace for digital production and office printer manufacturers, but also in delivering global paper sourcing services in support of test programmes. Their product offerings comprise all spheres of papers and printable media, such as office papers, digital media, graphical papers and boards, specialist photographic products, packaging boards, envelopes, synthetics, printable wood, wide format, among others. The company is dedicated to supporting customers with deep market insights into which products are most extensively used in the developed and emerging markets alike. We are looking forward to building a long and prosperous relationship with Expedite as from now.”

Comprehensive research report by Expedite:

2015 Expedite Global Paper Industry Annual Report. The study provides comprehensive information and data on the paper markets across North America, Europe, Brazil, India, Russia and China for 2014. For each regional and country market, the study gives an overview of the actual market situation, with coverage of which market sectors are posting growth or following a downward trend, projections of the market performance in the years to come along with other essential details about the domestic paper market across each geographical area in question. The report encloses reliable information about the popularity of the respective products from many regions. The publication presents data on production volumes for top manufacturers and offers sales rankings for the most favoured papers in each region. The report breaks down the popularity of paper sizes, weights and finishes for each regional paper market. A listing of papers from each region is provided with sizes and weights available; for North America and Europe, the study provides the number of sheets per carton for each paper, including estimates for papers that are not commonly sold in cut sheet formats. More insights into the industry are provided in the report …

More details on the publisher and its research reports can be found at Expedite page.


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