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Casinos & Gambling Activities Progressively Shift to Asia, Says Aruvian’s R’search in Its Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

02 May 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The world casinos and gaming industry currently holds down a net worth of more than USD 450 billion. Since early 2008, the gambling mecca has progressively moved from Las Vegas and Atlantic City to Macao in China due to a number of reasons including recent casino openings in the city. Going forward, this noticeable shift of the industry activities to Asia will likely continue, with more casino openings set to take place in other regions of Asia in the short run. Singapore, with its two mega-casino developments, has already raised a fuss in terms of competing with Las Vegas. However, China’s government bodies, together with other Asian nations, restrict access of locals to their casinos, thus making these casinos extremely reliant upon gaming revenue from foreign gamblers and notably VIP tourists.

The industry growth is boosted by the introduction of legal provisions by governments that previously banned casinos to operate and the removal of a number of bans on overseas investments and casino ownership. The market has seen the emergence of many key entertainment elements attached to appeal to both domestic and foreign guests.

Caesars Entertainment Corp., Ladbrokes Plc, Las Vegas Sands Corp., MGM Resorts International, among others, are the leading players in the market.

New market report “Analyzing the Global Casinos & Gambling Industry 2016” developed by Aruvian’s R’search examines the industry on a global level, outlining the industry value chain, looking at industry segmentation by category and region, a regulatory landscape analysis, and Porter's five forces analysis. The study canvasses the key regional markets covering market statistics, growth in value terms, segmentation and forecasts. The study evaluates the global online gambling industry in terms of value, revenue growth, segmentation, trends, market share analysis, competitive scenario and outlook for the industry to 2020, etc. Porter's five forces analysis is included, too. It limelights the factors impacting the global casinos and gambling industry, such as M&As, regulations, demand drivers, foreign trade, globalization, etc. The study gives insights into the evolving online/mobile gambling market as against conventional forms of gambling. Country-level market analyses are available, too. The report offers a granular forecast of the global casinos and gambling sector through to 2019, and includes descriptions of the top market participants. Furthermore, an overview of the 10 largest casinos worldwide is provided.м

More studies by the publisher can be found at Aruvian’s R’search page.


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