Market Publishers Reminds You about Defence Satellites: a Week Left to the Event – Join Right Now!

02 May 2016 • by Natalie Aster
Market Publishers Reminds You about Defence Satellites: a Week Left to the Event – Join Right Now!

LONDON – On behalf of the organiser, Intelligence-Sec, TD The Market Publishers, Ltd. is happy to remind you that Defence Satellites, comprising conference and exhibition, is scheduled for May 10th-12th, 2016. A charming RENAISSANCE BRUSSELS HOTEL (Brussels, Belgium) was chosen as a venue for Defence Satellites. The agenda of the Event will be primarily devoted to the detailed overview of the European Space capabilities. Defence Satellites will also highlight ways the top European Agencies advise and support the EU Space Programs and Missions. Presently, more collaborations take place in space programs as military budgets are stretched to the limit. The Event will focus on the smaller European nations, who work together in order to build their space programs and capabilities. With bigger number of satellites in orbit many European agencies have to monitor national satellites from colliding.

Would you like to grab a wonderful opportunity to discuss the latest issues in this sector? Are you interested in space collaborations in this space? Do you want to participate in exciting discussions of the importance of space situational awareness owing to the raise in satellites in orbit? Would you like to learn how satellites are used for intelligence missions as well as imagery of combat zones? Do you want to network with top satellite and space industry officials and experts? Are you interested in the recent changes and policies in the space and satellite market? If at least one answer is positive, then you are recommended to participate in Defence Satellites, as it is the very Event for you! But only a week left to this outstanding Event, therefore, hurry up and apply for participation right now!

Keep in mind that a 10-15% discount on tickets to Defence Satellites is offered by Intelligence-Sec to all Market Publishers’ registered customers. Therefore, if you haven’t become a Market Publishers’ registered client yet, you are welcome to fill in the registration form


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