Cellophane is Popular as Food Wrapping Material Worldwide, States Gen Consulting Company in Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

25 Apr 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Cellophane is a flexible, thin, transparent, paperlike cellulose material made from wood pulp and widely applied as a moistureproff wrapping. The low permeability of cellophane to oils, air, bacteria, greases and water makes it appropriate for tobacco and food packaging.

Cellulose film has been produced continuously since the middle of 1930s and it is still used in a wide range of applications. Except its wide use as packaging for great variety of food items, it also finds certain industrial applications such as dialysis tubing, a semi-permeable membrane in certain batteries, a release agent in the production of some rubber products and fiberglass, a base for some self-adhesive tapes. 

Cellophane sales have declined since the 1960s owing to different alternative packaging options. Rising awareness of polluting effects of carbon disulfide and other by-products of viscose production may has also contributed to this; but cellophane itself is fully biodegradable, and this characteristic of the material spurred its popularity as a food wrapping.

The top players in the global cellophane market include Film Products, Aoyang Technology, Innovia Films, Diamond Flexible Packaging, Interfilm Holdings, JSK, Allied Converters, Norman Knights and Henglian Cellulose Film.

Topical report “Global Cellophane Market Outlook 2016-2021” prepared by Gen Consulting Company uncovers reliable data on the world cellophane market performance (historical, present and forecast). It presents a detailed analysis of the major technological trends, traces the recent industry developments, examines the competitive landscape, reviews the top market players and also provides a comprehensive overview of the key strategies. It gives access to trustworthy statistics on the global cellophane production, demand, consumption, exports, imports and prices. The research study contains a detailed analysis of the key market segments by region and application type, gives a look at the downstream and upstream markets, pinpoints the lucrative investment opportunities and also discusses the main factors influencing the world cellophane market development.

Other reports by Gen Consulting Company can be found in this catalogue.


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