Worldwide Microbial Fuel Cells Market Canvassed by MicroMarketMonitor in Its New Report Published at

18 Apr 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Microbial fuel cells (MFCs), or biological fuel cells, are known as bio-electromechanical devices and systems that produce renewable electric energy by imitating the interactions of bacteria that occur in nature. These fuel cells can either utilise a chemical mediator or can be mediator-less MFCs. In the recent past, MFCs have received much attention owing to their mild and effective operating conditions and use of versatile biodegradable substrates as fuel. Apart from the benefits of the MFC technology, it still faces a few of practical challenges such as comparably low power and electric current density. Government & municipal, food & beverage, agriculture, healthcare, among others, are the leading application areas for the MFC technology.

Cambrian Innovation Inc., Emefcy, Microrganic Technologies, Inc., Microbial Robotics, Prongineer, Electrochem, and Triqua International BV are amid the leading players and innovators in the sector.

New research report “Global Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC) Market Research Report” developed by MicroMarketMonitor offers a comprehensive overview and granular analysis of the microbial fuel cells (MFC) market on a global level. The research publication gives a shrewd look at the different game-changing market trends, key drivers of the industry as well as the factors restraining the market growth, opportunities and challenges in the market space, regulatory framework. The market is examined and categorised by industry vertical and geography – North America, Europe, Asia and RoW. The report delves into the competitive scenario, offers company profiles of the outstanding players, covering their strategic industry incentives worldwide. Further, detailed market estimates and forecasts to 2025 are provided in the study.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Insights into the market sizing and forecast for the global MFC market as a whole;
  • Detailed market size estimates and forecasts alongside an analysis of the drivers, inhibitors and opportunities for each micro market;
  • Deep assessment of the competitive scene and the top players;
  • True benchmarking insight on the major players;
  • and more.

More studies elaborated by the publisher are available at MicroMarketMonitor page.


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