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China Human Vaccine Industry Analysed in New CRI Report Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

13 Apr 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – At present, the global human vaccine marketplace is ruled by five majors: Sanofi, Pfizer, MSD, and more. Their combined market share is estimated at more than 80 percent. However, these companies cannot boast high output - they product less than 20 percent of the global output in total, while manufacturers from developing countries rule the roost.

At present, there are over 30 companies producing vaccine in China, and they produce more than 40 varieties of vaccines preventing over 20 infectious diseases.

As of 2015, Chinese market for vaccines almost hit the CNY 21 billion mark. However, sales of vaccine industry account only for 1 percent of sales of the whole pharma industry, while the global average stands at 3 percent. This shows that the local vaccine marketplace still has much room for its growth.

The Chinese market is set to demonstrate swift growth in the upcoming years, while competition amongst players will become increasingly intense in the country. The market concentration rate is also expected to go up.

New market research report “Research Report on China Human Vaccine Industry, 2011-2020” prepared by China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. provides an up-close look at the Chinese human vaccine industry. The study contains an insightful discussion of the global marketplace by casting light on scale and structure of its market, looks at vaccines for children and adults.

It explores environment for development of the human vaccine industry in China by discussing economic and policy environment, exploring relevant legislation and problems the industry has. The report delves deep into the local marketplace: it classifies Chinese vaccines and investigates major local vaccines.

The research study throws light on major vaccine manufacturers and prospects the Chinese industry has over the period 2016-2020.

Report Details:

Research Report on China Human Vaccine Industry, 2011-2020
Published: April, 2016
Pages: 60
Price: US$ 2,400.00

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