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Chinese Beef Cattle Breeding Marketplace Analysed & Forecast in New CRI Research Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

05 Apr 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – In the recent past, the fattened volume of live cattle in China has been rising rapidly. The annual fattened volume of the country surged to 47,750,000 as of 2011. With the fast-paced expansion of the beef cattle slaughter and processing industry over the review period, the beef production surged from 1,256,000 tonnes in 1990 to 7,000,000 tonnes as of 2015, posting a CAGR of 7.11%. Crrently, China is the 3rd largest beef producer, giving way to the USA and Brazil, with its beef production volume capturing more than 10% of the world’s production volume. Additionally, the share of China's beef production of the country’s total meat production grew from close to 5% in 1990 to 8.12% by 2015-end.

With the enhancement of Chinese citizens’ living standards and dietary habits, the country’s residents have gradually shaped the consumption concept of buying beef products of high quality. Thus, the demand for beef has surged considerably. It is, however, hard to raise beef supply by adapting the breeding scale on account of the low reproductive rate and long breeding season. With the ongoing enhancement of level of the national income and with changes in dietary habits, per capita beef demand will likely grow, thus giving a boost to demand. To date, China's annual consumption of beef per capita is less than 7 kg – less than half of the worldwide average. 

Over the next few years, the Chinese demand for beef is predicted to keep on increasing. Furthermore, beef import volume is also set to continue to expand due to the sluggish growth of China's beef production. There are a host of investment opportunities in the domestic market for a great many global cattle breeding companies, beef processing firms and beef trade enterprises.  

New market research publication “Research Report on Beef Cattle Breeding Industry and Beef Market in China, 2011-2020” drawn up by China Research and Intelligence (CRI) provides a granular, true analysis of the Chinese beef cattle breeding industry.

The study reviews the condition on the beef cattle breeding across the country; gives data on the domestic supply of, and demand for beef; uncovers information on the state of the import of bulls and beef in the country; details about the epidemic situation of beef cattle in China; provides a comprehensive assessment of the cost of beef cattle breeding. Furthermore, the market research study thoroughly examines the dominant players in China’s beef cattle breeding and slaughtering marketplace. The report also offers detailed perspectives on the national beef market.

Report Details:

Research Report on Beef Cattle Breeding Industry and Beef Market in China, 2011-2020 
Published: March, 2016
Pages: 60
Price: US$ 2,400.00

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