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Market Publishers Ltd and TBRC Sign Partnership Agreement

18 Mar 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd and The Business Research Company (TBRC) signed a partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on Internet. MarketPublishers.com is now authorised to distribute and sell research reports prepared by TBRC.

Natalie Aster, Assistant Manager at Partners Department, commented on the partnership agreement: “We are happy to inform that The Business Research Company has recently joined our team of publishers. This leading market research firm has offices across the UK, USA and India, and is distinguished for delivering top-level market, company and consumer research solutions. TBRC are a highly motivated and passionate team of research experts in a vast range of industry sectors encompassing healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, chemicals and technology. They take pride in finding and efficiently delivering the information that gives clients an edge over competitors.” Natalie added: “We believe that our companies can build an enduring, win-win cooperative relationship from now on.”

Comprehensive global market research reports by TBRC:

Transportation Services Global Market Briefing. The global transportation services market was worth USD 2,352 billion in 2014. This is equivalent to about USD 336 per person globally pertinent to a global population of over 7 billion as of 2014. Given the world domestic product amounted to about USD 78 trillion in 2014, the market makes up around 3% of the worldwide economy.  The report is a detailed guide to the world’s transportation services market space, covers market characteristics, sizing and growth, segmentation, breakdowns by region, competitive scene, market shares, key trends…

Oil & Gas Global Market Briefing. The overall value of the oil & gas market from pole to pole in 2014 reached USD 4,000 billion. Relating to a global population exceeding 7 billion in 2014 this equals to about USD 571 per person worldwide. With the world domestic product being estimated at USD 78 trillion in 2014, the market captures nearly 5.1% of the global economy. A great many oil and gas firms have utilised digitisation and robotics to ramp up production with limited investment. More details about the market are available in the report…

Social Services Global Market Briefing. The global social services market valuein 2014 was USD 5,670 billion, equating to nearly USD 810 per capita globally. The social services market grabs around 7.3% of the global economy, given that world domestic product was just under USD 78 trillion in 2014. Over the past 5 years, social service providers adjusted their services and delivered more ‘at-home’ services which allow aged population to get help without having to visit care homes. The report examines the social services market, covering market revenues, the sector’s historical growth and also forecasting its future…

More details on the publisher and its research reports can be found at TBRC page.


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