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18 Mar 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The Chinese photovoltaic industry has been developing at a rapid pace over the recent years. In 2007, this country turned into the world’s largest producer of photovoltaic products, and the export value was just under USD 2,840 million in the same year. As of 2014, the total import and export value of China’s solar photovoltaic products almost reached USD 18.3 billion (up by more than 15 percent YoY), with export value standing at USD 14.4 billion.

There are a number of problems the Chinese export of photovoltaic products faces: an unstable of the export market, absence of an autonomous R&D system, a risk of trade friction in emerging markets, and more.

China can boast a huge solar energy resource, and theoretical reserves reach 1.7 trillion tonnes of standard coal per annum. The country’s demand for energy has grown over the recent years, while the environmental protections pressure has been on the rise, as well.

The local government has formulated a number of policies aimed at supporting the downstream application of the photovoltaic industry since 2013.

As of 2013, new photovoltaic installed capacity was more than 11.28 GW, a rise by more than 125 percent from 2012. As of 2014, the total photovoltaic power generating grid capacity was just under 28.1 MW, an increase by 60 percent YoY.

Local manufacturers of photovoltaic batteries are amongst world’s largest players.

New research report “Research Report on Photovoltaic Industry in China, 2016-2020” prepared by CRI offers comprehensive examination of the Chinese photovoltaic industry. The study comprises an all-inclusive overview of the photovoltaic industry. It sheds light on the development environment of this industry in China over the period 2011-2015. The report delves deep into the export-import dynamics, explores the industry chain and analyzes key areas of the local photovoltaic industry. The research study looks at export and import dynamics, scrutinizes the competitive landscape and profiles key local enterprises. Detailed market forecasts through 2020 are available in the report, too.

Report Details:

Research Report on Photovoltaic Industry in China, 2016-2020
Published: March, 2016
Pages: 60
Price: US$ 2,400.00

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