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17 Mar 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – For a number of years, aircraft simulators have been considered to be an essential element for pilot training. Flight simulation has produced dramatic changes in flight training techniques, lowering the training risk as well as enhancing the quality of training. It has also resulted in great improvements in flights safety, reducing airborne congestion and the negative influence of aviation on the environment, whilst cutting down the cost of training. It has developed over the years to turn into an integral part of military capabilities and civil operations. With augmenting complexity of both military and civil aircraft owing to advancements in avionics, a growing flight-crew training requirement which in turn has enhanced reliance on flight simulators.

An upsurge in the demand for aircraft fleet from pole to pole, crew shortages, regulation and novel licensing techniques and delivery of novel aircrafts are amid the factors driving the industry’s growth worldwide. Key factors hindering the market growth comprise dearth of simulators for complex systems; rising uptake of gaming technology and an availability of a range of private market players. M&A activity is deemed to be the major trend in the marketplace. The aerospace and military training & simulation market has recorded several M&As over the last year, notwithstanding ongoing uncertainty in the market entailed by sequestration.

L-3 Simulation & Training, CAE, Rockwell Collins and FlightSafety International Inc. are the leading players in the marketplace.

New study “Global Civil Aviation & Military Simulation & Training Market (2016-2020)” elaborated by Daedal Research canvasses the potential opportunities and key trends in the world’s civil aviation and military training and simulation markets. It provides an all-round analysis of the market size and major segments of the market with a focus on regional markets of North America, APAC, Europe and Latin America. It evaluates the market share of the industry on the basis of specific parameters like simulator manufacturer, operator, region, type of aircraft, etc. The report contains detailed profiles of the prominent companies operating in the field, including an analysis of their business strategies.

Report Details:

Global Civil Aviation & Military Simulation & Training Market (2016-2020)
Published: March, 2016
Pages: 57
Price: US$ 800.00

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