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World Liquid Biopsy Market Canvassed in New Kuick Research Report Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

15 Mar 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The advent of liquid biopsies plays an essential part in prognosis and also diagnostic testing and prognosis for cancer. Cancer has always been difficult to diagnose at an early stage due to its rapid mutation capabilities, avoidance of immunosurveillance, circumventing growth suppressors, amid others. Moreover, cancer’s genomic structure is very unsteady and in reply to the therapy provided, cancer goes through changes in their antigenic properties caused by mutations to evade immune action. A succession of tissue biopsy procedures to evaluate the disease regression becomes burdensome and dangerous for the patient. Hence, the need comes up for targeted therapy emerges, enabling real time monitoring to make sure that the targeted therapy is received by the tomour cells or to adopt other biomarkers in case the cancerous cells mutate.

Liquid biopsy as distinct from normal biopsy is a non-invasive procedure in which samples can be obtained from serum, blood, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid or urine. On the other hand, tissue biopsy is invasive, expensive, and painful and could be even risky in some instances. Hence, to explore the opportunities offered by liquid biopsies can become quite exciting. For cancer diagnostic testing under liquid biopsy 3 techniques are typically utilised, such as cell-free tumor nucleic acids (ctNA), circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and exosomes which includes small molecules like signal proteins, mRNAs, microRNAs, exoDNA, and lipids. Diagnosis of liquid biopsy is supplemented by the development in next-gen sequencing techniques in which tumour cells, after they are captured, have their proteomic and genomic sequences run and analysed utilising computater technologies to provide insights into the biomarkers related to the pertinent tumour cells, which could in turn be used for personalised diagnostic medical care.

New research report “Global Liquid Biopsy Market Opportunity & Technology Outlook 2020” prepared by Kuick Research covers the liquid biopsy market. It provides an introduction to such a non-invasive, game-changing diagnostic tool as liquid biopsy; describes the MoA of liquid biopsy. It gives an overview of circulatory tumour cells (CTCs), covering its history, selection method, biologics, detection and enrichment procedures, assessment and disease monitoring. The study casts light on the diagnostic technology advances supplementing the liquid biopsy market; offers a clinical investigation utilising cell-free circulating tumour DNA for various indications; gives a combinational analysis of the working of CTCs and circulating tumour DNA; gives an understanding of the business model of the liquid biopsy market; covers other market modalities related to liquid biopsy.  The study gives data on the liquid biopsy market shares in North America, Europe, APAC and RoW. The report provides an analysis of the market drivers and challenges; explores key market trends in the liquid biopsy marketplace; market shares of various liquid biopsy techniques. Furthermore, the study uncovers the degree of the competition in the market and provides company profiles of the 27 leading market players.

Report Details:

Global Liquid Biopsy Market Opportunity & Technology Outlook 2020 
Published: March, 2016 
Pages: 105
Price: US$ 1,800.00

More studies by the publisher are available at Kuick Research page.


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