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14 Mar 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The worldwide dairy industry has been witnessing a downturn in the recent past, mainly due to the slowdown in China’s economy, abolition of the EU’s dairy production quotas and Russia’s imposition of a ban on EU’s produce. The industry is being afflicted by poor import demand and excess of supply. Prices for milk have remained low for some period of time now and the governments of the key milk manufacturing nations is stimulating farmers to be patient.

India is the world’s biggest producer and consumer of milk. The country’s dairy sector grew by 12% YoY in FY 2012 and is set to see 15.6% YoY growth in FY 2016. Whilst historically the dairy sector was primarily engaged in making liquid milk, the past couple of decades have witnessed changes in demographic and dietary patterns leading to the increased popularity of value added products. Ice cream, yogurt, cheese, flavoured milk etc. are seeing widespread acceptance in the market.

China’s dairy industry, which was estimated at USD 40.6 billion as of 2013, is presently seeing a great oversupply. The sector is also suffering due to the global decline in the prices of milk as well as the quality issues in local milk production. Local citizens who can afford it choose to consume only international brands of milk and milk products, which is causing a drop in demand.

New research report “Assessment of the Indo-China Dairy Market” elaborated by Smart Research Insights (SRI) offers a detailed guide to the dairy market globally with a focus on India and China. The study highlights key market dynamics such as key growth drivers and hindrances, investigates the potential of the sector and explores the emerging trends in the marketplace. It investigates the current performance of the market and speculates about the sector’s future development. The report limelights the competitive landscape, and presents detailed company profiles of the 9 dominant players. The report offer company profiles of top players encompassing Nestle, Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd, Danone, Amul, China Mengniu Dairy Company Ltd, Mother Dairy, Yili Group, Sanyuan Group, and Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd. The latest opinions of industry experts are at hand in the publication, too. Additionally, the report carefully assesses the performance of the key market segments, covering production, revenue, share, etc.

Report Details:

Assessment of the Indo-China Dairy Market
Date: March, 2016
Pages: 40
Price: US$ 1,200.00

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