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Brand Loyalty for 8 Major RCC Treatments Compared in In-demand FirstWord Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

10 Mar 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Only 3 brands surveyed have a positive net promoter score (NPS), but the major brand’s score is around six times that of its closest competitor. Fewer than 65% of oncology specialists surveyed are satisfied with existing RCC drugs. In the USA, the figure exceeds 70%. Over 20% of oncologists examined promote one brand solely. For all but one brand surveyed, clinical attributes drive recommendations much more than concerns over cost.

One brand has a great potential to gain market share in case it can turn its detractors into promoters. Two brands are the most preferred choices amid promoters of surveyed brands. Brand switching is common phenomenon, with brand promoters recommending 4 other brands on average. Detractors have a tendency to promote the majority of the other examined brands (although not in large numbers). Oncologists are optimistic about novel treatments: notwithstanding low NPS and market share, oncologists from every EU5 country praised one recently-approved brand for innovation.

In-demand report “NPS+ Renal Cell Carcinoma (EU5)” elaborated by FirstWord provides a comparison of brand loyalty for 8 leading RCC treatments and explores key issues impacting brand loyalty for RCC drug makers. The study is a survey of 150 medical oncologists from the EU5, including France, Germany, Italy, the UK and Spain, chosen from the biggest community of the world’s validated physicians.

Based on the pertinent brand’s NPS, the study describes what is the probability of doctors recommending the respective brand, which of the competitors they will likely recommend, alongside uncovering which promotional messages drive those recommendations. Valuable information on how doctors really perceive the specific brand is available in the report as well.

The report examines doctors’ relationships with the brands used to treat renal cell carcinoma, measuring brand loyalty and demonstrating how it affects the market share. It also examines ‘brand DNA’, uncovering in doctors’ own words what brands mean to them.

Report Details:

NPS+ Renal Cell Carcinoma (EU5) 
Published: February, 2016
Price: US$ 2,495.00

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