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British Children’s Media Consumption, Brand Attitudes & Key Behaviors Explored in Topical CHILDWISE Reports Available at MarketPublishers.com

10 Mar 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd informs that topical CHILDWISE reports on British children’s media consumption, brand attitudes and key behaviors have been added to its catalogue.

CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2016 - Children's Purchasing. The report is focused on examining children's and teenagers' media consumption, brand attitudes and major behavior, currently in its 22nd year. The study presents in-depth interviews conducted among over 2,000 children aged between 5 and 16 across the UK. Focusing on the spending habits of the children, the publication discusses a number of topics such as overall purchasing, online as against physical purchasing, percentage ever buying (over the last month) by age and sex …

CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2016 - Television Viewing. The comprehensive annual study throws light on media consumption, brand attitudes and key behaviors of over 2,000 British children aged between 5 and 16. The report is focused on children's TV viewing. The comprehensive research report highlights a range of key issues such as channels watched during the last week, viewing per day, various devices used to watch television, favorite TV programs, ways of watching television, devices utilized for on demand viewing, etc. …

CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2016 - Computers and the Internet. The study monitors children’s and teenagers’ brand attitudes, media consumption and key behavior, and is based on insightful interview surveys conducted amid more than 2,000 children (5-16 years of age) in the UK. The report focuses on children's ownership and usage of computers, as well as their use of the Internet. Themes discussed include computers in home, reasons for going online, time spent in the Internet and more …

CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2016 - Gaming. The research report is an all-encompassing annual guide to children's and teenagers' media consumption habits, brand attitudes and preferred behaviors, with a special focus on children's gaming behaviors. The report provides viewpoints of over 2,000 children aged between 5 and 16 on a broad range of pertinent topics including devices utilised to play games on over the last week, ownership of games consoles, games console brands, favourite computer games, selected games played during the past week, among others …

CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2016 - Health and Wellbeing. The report is a deep survey examining opinions of more than 2,000 British children and teenagers aged 5 to 16 years regarding their health and wellbeing. Key topics investigated in the study comprise, among others, the children’s confidence in doing tasks, opinions on how healthy they think they are and how happy they are most of the time, how their life has changed over the past year, and more …

More reports by the publisher can be found at CHILDWISE page.


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