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04 Mar 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Increased innovation and interconnectivity in the banking and payments domain have led to an ever-escalating range of transactional possibilities, and are significantly bringing about a rewiring of the complete commerce experience. By 2016-end, the consumer payments market growth will likely be driven by a number of trends encompassing intensified competition in the mobile wallets market space, the development of social commerce, and the issuance of more clear-cut norms and rules for mobile and online payment security. Payment solutions providers will be required to react by improving their propositions, keeping up with novel standards, and investigating the opportunities presented by social commerce.

Special emphasis will be put on positioning mobile wallets as a preferred alternative to cards and cash, along with making merchant acceptance levels a leading priority in the short run. Registration initiatives, and usage rewards are expected to be typically utilised tactics to fuel consumer uptake within the market space.

Social media commerce will likely evolve from an idea to a reality in the years to come. 2016 is poised to be a crucial turn of the tide for the space as it gets through the proof of concept stage. Social media service providers will increase their efforts to host a more streamlined and targeted customer experience for transactions, both online and in the real world.

Topical research report “2016: Key Trends in Consumer Payments” elaborated by Verdict Retail offers fact-led insights into the consumer payments marketplace. The study gives an overview of the leading developments emerging across the sector and suggests the best way to respond to these changes. In particular, it examines key developments across a selection of areas from regulation, to service and product trends, and infrastructural development.

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2016: Key Trends in Consumer Payments

Published: February, 2016 
Pages: 27
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  • track the most vital trends that will likely impact consumer payments during 2016;
  • evaluate the influence of consumer, competitive, and technology advancements on the consumer payments industry;
  • find out what actions are required to be undertaken to take advantage of these trends and be in advance of competitors.

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