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Chinese Polyimide Film Industry Examined by ASKCI Consulting in In-demand Report Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

23 Feb 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – In China, research and development of polyimide film started in 1962. Despite the fact that the development of the polyimide film in the country began earlier as against developed countries, the growth rate of the market was comparatively sluggish. After 50 years of development, there were over 40 polyimide film makers across the country, whose production capacity stood at close to 8,000 tonnes per annum.

New market research report “Production and Market of China’s Polyimide Film in 2015” developed by ASKCI Consulting provides deep, unbiased insights into China’s polyimide film industry.

The study discloses the latest information of polyimide film, including capacity, production output, novel projects, production expansion, supply and demand, imports and exports, etc. The report explores the current production situation in the market, uncovers the level of technology, reviews pricing issues, gives data on consumption and trade of polyimide film in China. It investigates the impact of government regulation on the domestic polyimide film industry; discusses the position of the national polyimide film sector worldwide; analyses the factors promoting and restraining the industry development; and speculates on how China’s polyimide film market is poised to evolve in the foreseeable future. The competitive landscape analysis is provided, with details about the major suppliers and their activities in China. Furthermore, the report takes a shrewd look at the lucrative opportunities in the Chinese polyimide film industry.

Report Details:

Production and Market of China’s Polyimide Film in 2015
Published: February, 2016
Pages: 50
Price: US$ 12,500.00

Reasons to Purchase:

  • receive the latest data on polyimide film;
  • gain valuable business intelligence of the domestic polyimide film industry;
  • understand actual production situation, technology level, pricing, consumption, trade to get hold of commercial opportunities;
  • keep informed on how China’s polyimide film market is likely to change; 
  • be alert to the activities of the leading competitors in China;
  • get insights into key factors influencing the growth of the market;
  • and more.

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