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19 Feb 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Critic, survival focused oncologists that make life-and-death treatment decisions are not still ready to accept biosimilars of proven targeted therapies. So what do pharmacos need to do to boost confidence and ensure adoption of biosimilars in this tough market?

According to a number of key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the USA, cost if the most essential factor driving the usage of biosimilar medicines in the country. Oncologists are refusing the moves to knock down prices from payers in spite of growing treatment outlay. Pharmas are required to understand precisely what evidence is required to persuade physicians to fall back on biosimilar treatments. The sizable majority of physicians demand more education on biosimilars both from companies and as postgraduate medical training. There are concerns over product naming conventions and labelling across the EU and the USA. The level of awareness of biosimilars is higher in Europe compared to the USA, although the situation is improving on the back of the recent introduction of Zarxio (Sandoz). Considering the time it takes to reach the marketplace, pharmacos need to ensure evidence issues are settled early.

In-demand research report “Biosimilars in Oncology: KOL Insight” created by FirstWord clarifies the concerns about evidence, equivalence and end points with deep insights into the present-day challenges from 12 leading KOLs across North America and Europe. It gives a refined understanding of what can be done to convince oncologists to use biosimilars.

The study gives an in-depth overview of the market for oncology biosimilars, detailing a number of top-level late-stage programmes. It discusses the various oncology products that biosimilars are targeting; gives information on the economic burden of cancer and throw limelight on the solutions that biosimilars can potential offer; identifies and canvasses the barriers and drivers for the uptake of biosimilar medicines in the oncology universe. The research report provides an understanding of the clinical, regulatory and technical aspects of biosimilars. Additionally, the possible adoption rates for major therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are discussed in the study.

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Biosimilars in Oncology: KOL Insight
Published: January, 2016
Price: US$ 7,900.00

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