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12 Feb 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – As of 2014, the number of Thailand-based HNWIs surpassed the 57,270 mark. The HNWI population posted 2.3 percent growth from 2013, following a 2.1 percent increase a year earlier.

Combined wealth of local HNWIs amounted to approximately USD 241 billion in 2014.

In 2019, the Thai HNWI population is expected to be over 68,425, a rise by around 17.8 percent. The combined wealth is expected to approximately USD 309.5 billion in the same year, up by 3 percent.

Cutting-edge research study “Thailand Wealth Report 2015” drawn up by Timetric offers an up-close look at the Thai wealth sector. The report contains an insightful overview of this sector. It unveils distribution of wealth in this country. The study investigates local HNWI trends and focuses on UHNWIs and core HNWIs. The research report examines HNWI investment trends in Thailand. It delves deep into the competitive landscape and highlights key forces driving the sector. Future projections for the sector are available in the study, as well.

Report Details:

Thailand Wealth Report 2015
Published: January, 2016
Pages: 94
Price: US$ 4,995.00

Report Scope:

  • estimation of market sizing of local HNWIs for 5 wealth brands;
  • historical and forecast data on volume, allocation and wealth trends of HNWIs;
  • details on HNWI as well as UHNWI asset allocations;
  • information on private banks;
  • investigation of forces driving the local HNWI sector;
  • and more.

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