Market Publishers Reminds You about CBRN First Response Scheduled for Late January 2016!

15 Jan 2016 • by Natalie Aster
Market Publishers Reminds You about CBRN First Response Scheduled for Late January 2016!

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd. as one of the partners of The Development Network, provides media support for the unrivalled Event, CBRN First Response, which is scheduled for late January 2016. This premium conference will be held at Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre located in Bristol, the UK.

Nowadays, all national response capabilities meet the same challenges, namely Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) emergencies. Therefore, the responsibility for an effective 1st response to mitigate the consequences to the environment, infrastructure and lives remains one of the most essential issues. Enhancing preparedness through a multi-national and multi-agency approach is critical. There are two approaches of enhancing preparedness for first response, a multi-agency and multi-national approach.

The forthcoming CBRN First Response conference is anticipated to provide the global CBRN community with a lucrative opportunity to learn about future capabilities and requirements to a CBRN emergency. This conference will act as a platform for the worldwide military as well as first responder community to explore emerging markets, the cutting-edge technologies and best practices.

Event Details:

CBRN First Response
Date: January 26-27, 2016
Location: Bristol Marriott Hotel City (the UK)

Key focus areas on the agenda of CBRN First Response 2016 include but are not limited to: Hazard Detection, Identification and Monitoring, Command & Control, Personal Protection Equipment, Medical Support, Scene Management and Geographical Analysis, Filtration Decontamination and Disposal, Rescue & Recovery of Victims, etc.

Do not miss an opportunity to visit this premium conference! Grab the chance right now as only eleven days left to CBRN First Response 2016! Please, reserve your seats in advance as the tickets are selling out fast!


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