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06 Jan 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – While the 5th generation (5G) is receiving much interest as the next key generation of mobile wireless technology, 5G's differentiation from preceding wireless technologies is a focus on manifold capabilities beyond higher bandwidths. These novel capabilities are poised to assist operators in addressing diverse new business targets.

Developments of 4G LTE air interfaces are just one way in which LTE technologies are set to support and be incorporated into 5G. Cell density enhancements, carrier aggregation and virtualisation are all applied to LTE and are meant to help operators close the gap between 4G and 5G network capabilities.

Standards and worldwide regulatory efforts are projected to result in 5G commercialisation through to 2020, but major global events and industry group are propelling pre-commercial trials and launches in 2018 or earlier.

Topical research report “5G Wireless: Technology Evolution and Service Provider Strategies” created by Pyramid Research examines the state of 5G technologies and standards, canvasses the market drivers and details a number of industry and service provider initiatives that limelight how 5G is shifting towards commercialisation.

It highlights the present-day state of the mobile data market and the development of different wireless technology generations; gives an overview of different prospective use cases of 5G, and also an insightful analysis of novel spectrum usage and air interfaces and RAN and core architecture supporting and/or facilitating the migration to 5G. The study examines the incentives for the commercialisation of 5G comprising their focus areas by different industry associations, details of leading partnerships between operators and vendors alongside 3 case studies casting light on 5G deployments and incentives. The report provides an outlook on timelines for spectrum allocation and standardisation as well as the deployments of 5G services, besides examining positioning and marketing strategies for 5G. Essential conclusions and recommendations for regulators, network operators and vendors are available, too.

Report Details:

5G Wireless: Technology Evolution and Service Provider Strategies
Published: November, 2015
Pages: 38 
Price: US$ 3,495.00

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