Anti Counterfeit & Brand Protection Solutions in Wines & Spirits Universe Analysed in Vandagraf International Limited Report Published at MarketPublis

16 Dec 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The problem of copy or look-alike products is pressing for both wines and spirits. These products are intended to perform the identical function as a genuine product but are manufactured by an independent producer under an analogous name, and practically always are inferior in quality. The products are sold in the markets where customers are vaguely familiar with trademarks and global brands but typically have little knowledge of English; all leading spirits brands are not protected against such attacks.

Counterfeiters have been increasingly finding that it can be less difficult to procure and refill original empty bottles of luxury wines & spirits than to seek to reproduce genuine glass bottles. With this approach the original genuine label usually remains attached to the bottle.

China’s economic boom and the fast-paced expansion of the Internet are amid the major drivers of the various product crimes. China's thriving wine market has created a huge demand for empty bottles of famous wines (mainly from prestigious vineyards of France) with fraudsters striving to pay up to USD 475 USD for a good bottle that can be refilled with something cheaper.

In-demand report “Wines & Spirits - Anti Counterfeit & Brand Protection” elaborated by Vandagraf International Limited offers an exhaustive, unprejudiced analysis of the market for wines & spirits, focusing on the pertinent anti counterfeit & brand protection strategies. The report discusses a range of key initiatives in brand protection; examines the major product crimes drivers; reviews the taxation and the government’s role. It gives insight into the markets for wines and spirits, covering trends, product crimes, brand protection incentives, supply side industry structure, packaging components, strategic approach to brand protection, etc. The report sheds light on the evolution of the wines & spirits markets, in volume and value terms; provide market sizing estimates for packaging components; production of glass bottles for wines & spirits. The study gives an overviews of the illicit alcohol and counterfeit wines & spirits; and also provides case studies of anti-counterfeit solutions. Market segmentation is provided by types and for different regions.

Report Details:

Wines & Spirits - Anti Counterfeit & Brand Protection
Published: November, 2015
Pages: 250
Price: US$ 3,580.00

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