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Cancer Immunotherapy Landscape Reviewed by FirstWord in Topical Report Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

10 Nov 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Though very promising, cancer immunotherapies are expected to raise the already high prices of oncology drugs. High costs are prompting the EU and the US payers to limit access to immunotherapies. Across the EU, healthcare reforms are greatly impacting pricing, reimbursement and market access for costly treatments. In the USA “Obamacare” will likely have a similar impact. Pharmaceutical companies are establishing prices for cancer immunotherapies without providing payers with the clinical data they require to perform benefit–cost analyses. Without the respective clinical data necessary for a proper assessment of risk-sharing, payers are considering other agreement types for cancer immunotherapies. Payers expect pharmacos to justify the high prices they charge for cancer immunotherapy drug products in the offing. That implies providing increased and better clinical data to assist payers in making access and reimbursement decisions. 

Topical research report “Cancer Immunotherapy: Payer Insight” drawn up by FirstWord provides exhaustive information on how 12 major payers across the USA and Europe view the cancer immunotherapy market space. The study presents insights into the payers’ primary concerns, reveals how they evaluate the value of novel cancer immunotherapy drugs, and sheds light on their unbiased thoughts on reimbursement, pricing, market access, as well as what they expect from pharmaceutical companies. The report provides comprehensive analyses of 4 major approved immunotherapies, and 10 pipeline drugs presently in clinical studies. Furthermore, perspectives on oncoming drug launches, as well as forecast data relating to reimbursement, pricing and market access can also be found in the research publication.

Report Details:

Cancer Immunotherapy: Payer Insight
Published: October, 2015
Price: US$ 7,495.00

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