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15 Oct 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Gene therapies have been in tested in human clinical trials for 25 years, and a range of products have begun to come into the pharmaceuticals market. Nevertheless, owing to different challenges and clinical study setbacks, progress in developing the technology and making it suitable for commercial use has not been fast. Gene therapies only capture a marginal market share and a host of safety and efficacy concerns are still unaddressed. However, there are currently 906 gene therapies in the pipeline. The majority of them are at an early phase of development, with 76% at the discovery or preclinical stage. However, there are presently 23 gene therapy programmes in phase III trials, with 2 being at the pre-registration stage. This indicates that the majority of gene therapies remain in relatively early phase of development.

Topical research study “Gene Therapies: A Diverse Range of Technologies with a Promising Long-Term Outlook” developed by CBR Pharma Insights discusses all gene therapies under the broad criteria of genetic material introduced to the body cell for a therapeutic purpose. It includes not only the insertion of a gene into the cell for expression, but also gene silencing with RNA interference and antisense RNA, aptamers, and oncolytic viruses.

The research study presents a detailed understanding of the current status of the market, and the relative clinical and commercial success of the products marketed today; gives an assessment the pipeline for gene therapies broken down by therapy field, intervention type and vector type, and phase of development. A detailed pipeline assessment is also provided across the 4 key therapy areas for gene therapy. Furthermore, the study canvasses the current competitive landscape, including a granular breakdown of companies actively engaged in the gene therapy pipeline. In addition, a highly detailed breakdown of companies involved in the development of manifold gene therapies is available.

Report Details:

Gene Therapies: A Diverse Range of Technologies with a Promising Long-Term Outlook
Published: September, 2015
Pages: 43
Price: US$ 2,995.00 

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