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Insightful Market Research Reports by Bonafide Research & Marketing Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

08 Sep 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - TD The Market Publishers, Ltd. is excited to inform that in-demand market research reports prepared by Bonafide Research & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. have been recently uploaded to its catalogue.

India Fragrance Market Outlook, 2021. Presently, significant growth in the Indian fragrance market is propelled by the emergence of novel products, including perfumes and deodorants. The Indian fragrance market is one of the largest country-wide markets in terms of production, consumption and import. The Indian market for fragrances is predicted to increase and create a range of novel opportunities. By 2020, the sector is expected to follow an upward trend, registering an 11.94% CAGR. This report provides a whole picture of the market state and offers detailed forecasts up to 2021 …

India Packaged Yogurt Market Outlook, 2018. Nowadays, the Indian packaged yogurt market growth is driven by such sectors as low-sugar, low-fat, cholesterol-reducing yogurts and the products with favorable impact on digestion. Moreover, today organic yogurt products with natural ingredients are also gaining momentum in the country. The rise in the country’s packaged yogurt market through 2018 will be attributed mainly to growing demand from the middle-class, increasing disposable incomes and affordable prices. The research report is a valuable source of relevant information on the Indian packed yoghurt market performance, dynamics and possible future trends …

India Sanitaryware Market Outlook, 2021. Real estate, hospitals, hotel industries and retail sector are among the key end-users of saniratyware products in India. The country’s sanitaryware market is anticipated to follow an upward trend in the offing and demonstrate substantial growth by 2021, driven by the expanding urbanization, enhancing disposable incomes and changing end-user preferences. The market is predicted to increase at a 20.87% CAGR through 2021. This topical report thoroughly analyses the market scenario and uncovers information on the market performance …

India Smartphone Market Outlook, 2018. Through 2018, the Indian smartphone market is predicted to follow an upward trend, registering a 10.95% CAGR. The smartphone market in India is driven by the increasing demand and rising prices for smartphones. This research study provides an up-close review of the Indian smartphone market, covers the market size, value, volume, shares, etc. Moreover, the report examines the market dynamics, sheds light on the major market growth drivers, restraints and challenges. The study includes profiles of top ten companies and new market. This topical report traces the current situation in the market, delves into the market competitive landscape and gives detailed forecasts for the market up to 2018 …

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