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Worldwide Glyphosate Industry Prospects Reviewed in In-demand CCM Chemicals Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

20 Jul 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Global demand for glyphosate has kept on rising at a rapid pace over the last few years, in tandem with the promotion of biotech crops (chiefly Roundup Ready crops) globally, particularly in American countries such as the USA, Brazil, Argentina and Canada. Driven by the immense demand and reasonable profit of the product, a host of China-based companies began constructing production facilities for glyphosate and its pertinent products like glycine, diethanolamine, PMIDA, iminodiacetonitrile (IDAN), phosphorus trichloride, etc.; as a result, the country has established a relatively mature and whole industrial chain from source materials to end products — glyphosate-based formulations. Relying on advantages in scale and cost, China grabs more and more share of the global glyphosate market. 

In-demand market research report “Global Opportunities Derived from Glyphosate Industry” prepared by CCM Chemicals provides a detailed guide to the glyphosate industry on a global scale with a focus on China.

It presents an in-depth understanding of the prevalent trends driving changes in the marketplace, global and domestic glyphosate technical supply and demand during 2009-2025. The study presents an overview and comparison of the 3 production routes of glyphosate technical; gives projections of glyphosate supply based on route up to 2025; forecasts the future likely transfer of glyphosate production globally; identifies the opportunities for upstream industries derived from worldwide glyphosate development. The report provides data on supply and demand of glycine, IDAN, diethanolamine, ethylene oxide, yellow phosphorus, paraformaldehyde, phosphorus trichloride, chlor-alkali, dimethyl phosphite, and methanol in 2006 and during 2008-2014 as well as up to 2025. The leading players in the glyphosate technical arena like Fuhua Tongda, Zhejiang Wynca and Monsanto are thoroughly discussed, too.

Report Details:

Global Opportunities Derived from Glyphosate Industry
Published: June, 2015
Pages: 120 
Price: US$ 22,680.00

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