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Market Publishers Ltd and PetroChemical Reporters Sign Partnership Agreement

09 Jun 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd and Occams Business Research and PetroChemical Reporters signed a partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on the Internet. MarketPublishers.com is now authorized to distribute and sell PetroChemical Reporters reports.

Commenting on the agreement, Natalie Aster, Assistant Manager at Partners Department, said: “PetroChemical Reporters is a stand-alone company, engaged in delivering chemical, petrochemical, management and business services and solutions across the chemical and petrochemical sector. The firm’s group of professionals are committed to providing versatile top-quality solutions, products and advisory services. We are extremely pleased to have PetroChemical Reporters in our team and offer the unmatched best value to our multinational customers.”

Comprehensive Studies by PetroChemical Reporters:

The Global Vinyls Market. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most popular polymers worldwide owing to its versatility and use across a broad range of applications spheres. It is made from vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), itself obtained either through an acetylene/coal based route or cracking of ethylene dichloride (EDC). The vinyls market is closely associated to GDP through the construction industry, fuelled by downstream demand for PVC utilised in door frames, window frames, sidings, piping and electrical insulation, amid other versatile applications. The research report draws up an elaborate picture of the world vinyls marketplace, examining the most recent developments in renewable vinyl encompassing recycling, technology advances and the influence of the latest M&A activity on the business. Additionally, 5-year historical data and 10-year forecasts for all leading producing regions are available …

The Global Ammonia Market. The global ammonia market growth is fuelled mainly by consumption of urea and increasing demand for fertilizers. The ammonia market is closely linked to food consumption and growth in population. The study presents a deep analysis of how the growth in biofuels and shale gas developments impact the market. It covers ammonia demand drivers, supply sources, and trade. The report contains a 5-year history and 10-year forecast for all key producing regions including details about novel capacity additions. The report includes demand of ammonia into its end-user applications like urea, direct application fertilizers, among others. It also casts light on commercial technologies discussed alongside a granular methodology …

The Global Aromatics Market. In spite of the high value chemical uses, much of the aromatics stream like toluene and xylene are blended into gasoline as octane enhancers. During the last few years, the aromatics market has been volatile in price and demand alike. The volatility is primarily owing to the aromatics being viewed as by-products. Benzene obtained from pyrolyis gas is impacted by ethylene production economics. As regards refinery reformate, the demand for transport fuels is impacted by high prices for crude oil and refined products. The research publication provides in-depth intelligence and detailed analysis on the market, covering aromatics supply & demand and trade; demand of benzene, xylene and toluene into their end-user application; insights into different commercial technologies; historical figures and forecasts of the market …

More details on the publisher and its studies can be found at PetroChemical Reporters page.


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