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22 May 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Innovative vaccines for treating infectious diseases are being discovered year by year, and the market is presently overcrowded with the diversity of vaccines for various infectious diseases. In this context, the lack of HIV vaccines becomes a key focus area for investigators funded by both pharmacos and medical regulatory bodies. Moreover, HIV clinical trials that have been conducted fail to produce pharmacological benefits in spite of the availability of appropriate infrastructure. At the same time, HIV incidences are escalating at a tremendous pace globally, resulting in a more urgent need for this vaccine. All these facts are acting as drivers of the imminent introduction of HIV vaccines into the global market to prevent AIDS epidemic’s progression and proliferation.

A range of clinical trials have been conducted globally, which has resulted in investigators having discovered artificial molecules capable of mimicing the HIV infection, which in turn would lead to the activation of the immune system. The efficacy of these molecules has been proved and clinical studies using them have yet to instigate.

Genetic modification and recombinant DNA technologies are being utilised for the development of HIV vaccines that will likely be commercialised in the worldwide market in the years to come. Computerised simulations are also being used to analyse obscure vaccine candidates with pharmaceutical potential. This technology is projected to decrease the valuable time and resources utilised in the screening of proposed candidate. Further, methodologies are being developed to discover the effect of HIV gene expression on non-pathogenic bacterial and/or viral vectors.

Overall, the world market for HIV vaccines has bright future, with the potential to be commercialised in the next five-to-ten years.

New study “Global HIV Vaccine Market Future Outlook” elaborated by Kuick Research provides a comprehensive overview of the HIV vaccines market, covering issues related to the development of these vaccines, parameters for successful commercialisation of HIV vaccines, mechanisms of such vaccines.  Information on worldwide HIV incidence rates is given. The report limelights key opportunities in the HIV vaccines market, drivers and challenges. It examines HIV vaccine clinical pipeline by company and stage, reviews 100 HIV vaccines in clinical development and 42 vaccines in preclinical phase. The competitive landscape is discussed including profiles of top 20 players.

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Global HIV Vaccine Market Future Outlook
Published: May, 2015
Pages: 80 
Price: US$ 1,500.00

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