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New Insightful Research Studies Prepared by Plimsoll Publishing Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

16 Feb 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd announces that cutting-edge research reports drawn up by Plimsoll Publishing Ltd. have been recently added to its catalogue.

Top 100 Lubrication Products (Global). This in-demand market research study contains insightful financial evaluation of lubrication products worldwide. The report contains a complete financial assessment of the market as well as deep examination of individual financial performance of top 100 companies. The companies are ranked against each other and they are also compared to industry averages. The research study uncovers best trading partners, companies demonstrating the fastest growth, details on profitability, and much more …

Top 100 Construction Chemicals (Global). Based on the latest information, the research study provides an in-depth financial assessment of the global market for construction chemicals, besides evaluating financial performance of top 100 market players. Strengths and weaknesses of each company are highlighted. Besides, the report contains data on best trading partners (with their list included), sales and market performance and profitability. The study ranks companies against each other and it also compares them to industry averages …

Top 100 Construction & Civil Engineering (Global). This topical research study offers a deep insight into the global market for construction and civil engineering. The report provides a complete financial assessment of the market. It also contains deep evaluation of financial performance of top 100 companies. Basing on information on commercial and financial strength of each company, the study lists best trading partner. The report also unveils data on market performance, sales and profitability. Information on the fastest growing players is also available …

Top 100 Consumer Food Manufacturers (Global). The research report is a source of unique information on top 100 consumer food manufacturers. It contains in-depth financial evaluation of the market (based on companies under examination), besides assessing financial performance of each company. The study uncovers best trading partners on the basis of information on companies’ strengths and weaknesses. Complete details on market performance and sales as well as profitability can be found in the research report too …

More topical market research studies by the publisher can be found at Plimsoll Publishing page


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