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16 Dec 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The majority of mobile infrastructure sharing initiatives in Latin America have been voluntary and implemented mainly by runner-ups, with leading players choosing rather to stay uninvolved. For example, in Colombia, second-ranked Movistar and third-ranked Tigo were involved into active radio access network (RAN) sharing for the deployment of their LTE networks to better compete against the market leader Claro.

Due to its relative reduced complexity and decreased cost exposure, passive infrastructure sharing is the most popular approach among the region’s mobile operators. Massive investments necessary for LTE deployment and government-enforced coverage requirements to successful bidders in 4G mobile spectrum auctions have bought about active infrastructure sharing in the region. In Colombia and Brazil, wireless carriers have sought to set up LTE infrastructure sharing agreements in order to reduce the costs of LTE network rollouts whilst meeting coverage directions.

Topical report “Latin America: Regulatory Mandates and LTE Driving Infrastructure Sharing and Tower Offloading Deals” created by Pyramid Research provides a deep insight into mobile infrastructure sharing and tower offloading/outsourcing in the Latin America region.

The report describes the different kinds of mobile infrastructure sharing and national roaming; identifies and analyses the influence of infrastructure sharing on capital and operational expenses, and network coverage on the basis of various contextual factors. It investigates the key drivers and the benefits wireless carriers can achieve by offloading and/or outsourcing their tower assets. It examines the main factors that adversely affect carriers’ desire to be involved in infrastructure sharing, and the anti-competitive behaviors that can possibly stem from infrastructure sharing. The study presents a regional market analysis of the key passive and active mobile infrastructure sharing agreements, major tower offloading/outsourcing deals and regulatory issues of infrastructure sharing, focusing on Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. The 4 case studies of Colombia (two), Brazil and Chile are included, producing evidence from some of the most outstanding mobile infrastructure sharing developments that have occurred in Latin America. Furthermore, a summary of essential findings and key recommendations are at hand in the report as well.

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Latin America: Regulatory Mandates and LTE Driving Infrastructure Sharing and Tower Offloading Deals
Published: November, 2014
Pages: 42
Price: US$ 1,195.00

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